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30 min massage Gift Certificate

If you want to give a small gift of wellness, that goes a long way~ surprise them with this 30 min rejuvenation session. The recipient can choose to have a longer session if they wish, and use this as a $50 towards a session length of their choice.

45 min session Gift Certificate

45 min recoup session ! 3o min feels a little too short, 45 can be that happy medium that helps the body work sink just that much more. Enjoy!

60 Minute Session Gift Certificate

this is good for an hour massage for that loved one that could use a restart to freshen up their life. can be used to relieve normal stress of daily life, or acute problems that need sincere therapeutic attention.

75 min session - Gift Certificate

Come take a few layers of tension off and experience a greater sense of ease.

90 minute session ~ Gift Certificate

This really gives the nervous system a true break and a great chance to shed away any unwanted tension in the body. perfect for either decompressing from normal life or even for acute problems that need actual specific therapeutic attention. this is a gift of which wont be forgotten.

pregnancy massage Gift Certificate

happy baby makes happy mama. help ease the hard task of growing a human, not to mention many health benefits during a powerful time in a mama's life. This mama of 2 loves to encourage the best in moms of all kinds to bring their best self forward with the new arrival.

3 --- 60 minute session Package deal

Enjoy and nourish your body with 3 hours of body work at a 10% savings when bought all at once.

Three 90 min session package

Get the benefit of regular body work with a 10% discount when bought in bulk.